Many Mothers’ Circle Presenters

February 12th, Friday

Tekla Johnson, LLC, LCSW
“Infant Sleep”

Join Tekla Johnson, pediatric sleep consultant, to learn about infant sleep and have the opportunity to ask your most urgent sleep questions.

January 23rd, Saturday

Family Estate Planning basics with Shasta Brooks.

Is estate planning and having a will that important to a young family? Join Shasta as she outlines basic estate plans and the important questions young families need to ask themselves.

November 3rd, Tuesday
Simran Adeniji, BA, BM, MPH
“Tips for Preventing Sickness in Winter Months”

Now that winter is around the corner, let’s explore ways to help our little ones get through cold season! Come explore some techniques to prevent illnesses as well as calm and comfort you baby through sickness this winter season.

October 6th – Tuesday
Abby Bordner, CEO and Owner of Relationship Based Parenting

Self Care and Mindfulnesss for Mamas

Abby will present the benefits of self-care and mindfulness as well as practical ways you can incorporate it into your daily life.

September 1st – Tuesday
Shasta Brooks, Santa Fe Attorney

Family Estate Planning 101

There are many items to consider when doing your estate plan.  Join Shasta as she discusses the basic documents that young families need, followed by a question and answer session.

August 4th – Tuesday
Jen Antill, Creator and Founder of Ripe to Life

Letting Go of the Mother Identity
Being a mother is a full-time job, no doubt. But it’s important you don’t lose yourself in the day-to-day. Join us as Jen walks us through a few simple exercises to help us reconnect with ourselves.

July 7th – Tuesday
Elizabeth Rose, Mothers Mandela

The Healing Power of Nurturing Touch
Elizabeth Rose will introduce three nurturing touch tips that you can offer your children/teens/partners.

June 3rd – Wednesday
MJ Vargas, Owner & Founder of New Life Birth Services & Prenatal Yoga, LLC

Mom and Baby Yoga
Join MJ Vargas for an introduction to New Life Birth Services and a Mom and Baby Yoga class.

May 5th – Tuesday
Bizia Greene – Etiquette School of Santa Fe and Columnist of Etiquette Rules!

“It’s not just about the Fork!”
Join our fun and entertaining discussion on the subject of Etiquette and how it applies to our everyday, busy lives with our little ones.