Sleep Consultants

Santa Fe families have many options for getting their little ones to sleep successfully. Learn more about these three consultants:

Tekla Johnson, LC, LCSW

Ellen Pope with Small Sleeper

Vicki Hogue with Sweet Sleep Santa Fe

Our mission at Small Sleeper, LLC is to provide high quality, interdisciplinary, research based professional supports and services to families who have young children (0-6 yrs) with sleep challenges. We offer a team based approach recognizing that sleep issues in children can have many underlying and diverse causes that may need to be addressed including health, nutrition, sensory and social- emotional.

One of the challenges that parents and families face is trying to sort through all of the reading material, books and advice from others. We share the pros and cons of each research based sleep method and approach and develop and support an individualized plan that matches your parenting style and the temperament and needs of your child. Our team consists of an occupational therapist, nutritionist and registered nurse. Dr. Pope is certified by the Family Sleep Institute as a Child Sleep Consultant.

Visit our website: or contact Dr. Pope at to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation.

Sleep is so important to our health and well-being, and it is critical to the development of a child.  Exhaustion increases your likelihood of getting sick, makes it hard to think straight, and it just makes for grumpy people. Yet so many parents accept sleep deprivation as part of having a baby. My amazing success with the Sleep SenseTM plan inspired me to help other moms and dads in similar situations gently teach their children to sleep independently.  My passion in life is to show parents that they CAN sleep through the night, and they CAN have their evenings back.  To do this, I discuss the child’s sleep issues with the parents, develop a customized sleep plan based on their needs and the child’s temperament, and support them through implementation (usually about two weeks).  I have completed training with the SleepSenseTM creator, Dana Obleman, whose methods have helped over 57,000 families worldwide.

For your free 15-minute discovery call (or to book an appointment), you can visit call (505) 398-4559, or e-mail  Many Mothers families receive a discount on services.

“Families deserve to experience connection, joy, and moments of ease as they create a sleeping and feeding rhythm that works for the entire family.

I am excited to offer sleep consultation services for families with infants and young children. I help families put in place what is needed to have everyone sleeping well.

I am confident I can resolve sleep challenges for any family, no matter how persistent or challenging the situation seems. I work with families prenatally to prevent problems, as well as with families who have children ages 0-7 years old. My work is based on the Millette Method, a multi-disciplinary, research-based sleep approach that utilizes multiple approaches to making sleep changes, all of which are developmentally appropriate and attachment-based.

I have 14 years of experience working with families with young children. I am a Certified Doula and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, have completed a two year sleep training internship with Angelique Millette, and am trained in Circle of Security, Infant Mental Health, Mediation, and Infant Massage. I have extensive experience providing a wide range of services to families with young children, including developmental guidance, mental health interventions, birth preparation, as well as labor and delivery support and ongoing support to families in the first few years of their baby’s life.

To learn more about me, please visit my website at, email me at, or call me at (505) 920-7818.

Initial consultations are always free!”