Meet the Volunteer: Michelle DiNapoli

Michelle-DiNapoli-185x300Many Mothers appreciates the generosity of time, spirit, and kindness recently shared by our intern, Michelle DiNapoli. As part of her practicum experience toward earning her Masters degree in counseling, Michelle has volunteered 15 hours a week with Many Mothers since April. The empathy and non-judgmental care she shared with “her” two mothers and their infants has been exceptional. Not only did each mom enjoy much more weekly care than our regular in-home program could possibly offer, but each also benefited from Michelle’s knowledge of infant mental health (her emphasis for her studies).

Michelle assisted at the monthly Circle gatherings by greeting the participants and creating a welcoming space for moms and their babies. Additionally, Michelle connected with mothers after the service period was completed to encourage an open dialogue regarding the care received by their volunteers. Her ability to set moms at ease and discuss what the Many Mothers service meant to them allowed us to continue to hone our programs. Her willingness to help at our annual fund raiser and to represent Many Mothers at the DeVargas Women’s Health Fair, as well as the Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby event was appreciated. She shared her personal volunteer experience with new moms at these events, thereby encouraging more mothers to enjoy our free in-home care. Thanks to the wonderful support she gave “her” moms, they are now referring their friends to our organization. What an exceptional ambassador Michelle has become for Many Mothers!

As one of “her” moms said:

“Michelle came to me when my newborn wasn’t sleeping–AT ALL! She also liked to be held– A LOT! To have someone come into my home and hold the baby while I showered or ate was a lifesaver. I was able to catch up on household chores and know that my baby was in good hands with Michelle, whether rocking to sleep, giving her a bottle, or when she got a little older, playing with her. And running errands with an extra pair of hands was so helpful! More than that, Michelle was there to talk to, someone to listen to my new-mommy fears–a genuinely lovely person to have in my home”. ~Joanna

Congratulations, Michelle, on your upcoming graduation at Southwestern College; we will hold you in our thoughts of gratitude on November 1st. We know you will go far and many families will enjoy more balanced lives thanks to your future counseling.

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