Meet the Volunteer: Missy Noonan

It is such a joy to be a part of building moms’ confidence as they transition into their new roles as parents.

IMG_1747-768x1024Missy Noonan became a mom for the second time about 18 years ago. With a new babe in her arms and a 4 year old requiring well-deserved attention, Missy was overwhelmed and reached out to Many Mothers (at that time called Muchas Mamas). Ann McCormick, our founder, appreciated the challenges Missy was facing and recommended two volunteers; the matches were perfect. Missy was given the luxury of time for self care while knowing she and her children were in great hands.

In 2002, when her son started school, Missy contacted Ann and offered to volunteer. Missy was no stranger to new mothers’ needs; prior to joining Muchas Mamas, she was a public health nurse with Indian Health Services, caring for pre- and post- natal mothers at the pueblos of Cochiti, Santo Domingo, and San Felipe. She brought valuable, professional care experiences to her volunteer service. Possibly more important, though, were her personal experiences with the benefits she enjoyed as a recipient of Many Mothers’ programs. Missy knew first-hand the importance of “mothering the mother” and brought a wealth of nonjudgmental support and understanding to the families she mentored. It also helped that Missy came from a large family. With nine siblings, Missy learned from her own parents’ multi-tasking and mothering skills.

Over the last twelve years, Missy has cared for 24 families, some of them more than once! The bonds created are appreciated by both Missy and “her moms.” Missy feels that “being a good listener and giving moms both the time and space they need to address their needs is extremely important. I let them guide me.” By patiently allowing the moms to share on their own timeline, the trust that develops is deeply binding. “It is such a joy to be a part of building moms’ confidence as they transition into their new roles as parents. I love befriending them and giving them a hand with their new family life.” Missy is still in touch with many of “her” moms.

As is common with most great mentors, Missy continues to inspire her Many Mothers peers at volunteer meetings where she can be found crocheting happily as she shares her experiences. Many Mothers is blessed to include Missy as a highly-valued volunteer among many wonderful, big-hearted women.

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