Volunteer Highlight – Doris Meyer

Doris Meyer

Doris, one of our wonderful volunteers, offers her support to Santa Fe families in a unique way by knitting the most adorable newborn baby hats!  She sends them in to us several times a year to give away to families receiving our support. Doris has donated several hundred hats to Many Mothers over the past several years. She says,

With some free time I started to knit and found that I liked making baby hats. I don’t do fancy hats, just simple ones that don’t take long to finish.  It gives me a lot of pleasure to know that new mothers and their babies will enjoy these colorful creations.

Baby Hats

Doris’s hats are the perfect example of how someone who is short on time can still show their support for our community and offer their time (indirectly) to families with newborns.

Thank you, Doris!

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