Do you have a passion for uplifting families and babies in Santa Fe?

Did you know that?

  • Many Mothers’ support empowers new mothers and fosters the vital mother/child bond.
  • Many Mothers’ services are entirely free to families, and we plan to keep it that way!
  • Home visiting programs are proven to improve children’s ability to form healthy relationships, succeed at school and earn higher paying jobs, and to increase life expectancy, while reducing juvenile delinquency and substance abuse.
  • Helping families from the very start is preventative and reducing the need for future intervention with its higher societal costs.
  • The degree of a mother’s postpartum depression is inversely related to the amount of support she receives.

By utilizing each of our volunteers’ skill sets and specific passions, we are able to honor each volunteer while keeping the costs of our organization to a minimum.

  • Support a Family – Our staff strive to match volunteers to the families based on common interests, experiences, and backgrounds, which can create wonderful bonds between the volunteer and family. We hold trainings and meeting regularly so that our volunteers can feel supported, too!
  • Help us Fundraise – Do you have grant writing or other fundraising skills? We’d love your assistance.

Please contact us so we can meet, get to know you, and explore the best possible place in our organization for your skills and interests. Get in touch with Anita or leave a message at 505-440-0401.

CLICK HERE to download the Volunteer Application Packet