Who We Are

Meet some of the many people and organizations who help us support families with newborns.

In today’s fast-paced world where extended families are geographically dispersed or working, new parents often do not get the support they need during the first few months with a newborn. Many Mothers knows how exhausted and overwhelmed parents can feel during this time. We honor the work it takes to bring a child into this world, and we nurture the one who did it. The more a mother feels cared for, the more able she is to care for her baby. Meet some of the families our volunteers have supported in the past.

Just as we believe in providing support to families after the birth of a newborn we at Many Mothers receive the support of many people and organizations in the community. Please visit these pages to learn more about our supporters:

Many Mothers was founded by an amazing woman with passion for the littlest members of our community. Read more about Anne McCormick.

We are grateful for all of the people we meet every day in our jobs with Many Mothers ~ The Staff.